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3 Questions about Circle Dock

First I LOVE the program, it is just awsome??  Why is there a gap in the circle? It gets bigger every time I add an icon. Second, I feel sure I will feel like an idiot when I read the answer, but how do you get the icons on two circles, or get the spiral dock? I think this has been answered, but I'm not sure what I was reading, why is there part of the start menu still visible after closing it?  Thanks for the help.

BTW: I am running xp pro, with a vista transformation pack installed

Nice transform pack, I used that one myself before on my XP laptop. And that dock image screams Cairo.

Anyways, it would appear that your options are set to now have icons in separate circles, but as one large circle. If I remember correctly, the spiral has been temporarily removed due to tech difficulties. And the Start Menu Shadow Residual bug can only be fixed by updating to the newest Circle Dock, or by turning off shadows.

(Note that I am just a fellow user of CD, and I am not completely up to date. Just trying to be of some help, VideoInPicture (CD's creator) should swing by soon and see what the deal is :Thmbsup:)
Thanks wreckedcarzz, the tip about the shadows worked. Now if I can just find out the rest. Pc hardware, I know about, programming I am completely lost.

I believe you have set the maximum number of icons per circle to a very high number. Try going into the settings panel -> Dock Shape and lower the maximum number of icons per circle setting. Also, lower the minimum radius and separation between circles since it appears you have set them quite high. The dock will automatically overflow into concentric rings when the number of icons exceeds the maximum number in the settings.

As for the spiral shape, I haven't included that in 0.9.2 yet because I haven't figured out a good way of rendering the background for it that follows a spiral shape but I'll include it shortly. This may or may not interest you, but if you look at my sub-forum on this board:, you will find a thread that contains a Circle Dock exe that includes an elliptical shape.

Also, mods, could we move this thread into the Video In Picture / Circle Dock sub-forum?

Eric Wong
Thanks, that solved it, gonna look at the other thread.


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