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about locking dock items


when i  click an icon and move the cursor(up) at almost the same time,the icon disappears.i use Elliptical Circle Dock.hope there is a function to lock icons or the same as CD alpha 8's,for alpha 8 has not this problem.u can drag icons anywhere and needn't worry about icons missing :D

I've noticed this problem, too. I think it happens specifically when you drag an icon over the center button.

Also, on a related note, a possible change to the program: a setting that freezes all icons at their locations? i.e. they cannot be dragged to different spots. As it is, if I try to click something while my mouse is on the move the icon gets dragged a bit (it resets) and whatever I wanted to open doesn't get opened. Would it be possible to add a setting that would fix the dragging issue?

Are the icons getting deleted when they are moved? If so, this means that the centre orb is too big because when a dock icon is dragged over it, Circle Dock interprets that as a delete operation. Try decreasing the size of the centre orb.

As for the dock items moving too easily, I can put in an option to lock the location of the dock items themselves. However, first try adjusting the click sensitivity in the Settings Panel under General. Make it less sensitive and the dock items won't move so easily.

thanx :D


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