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ObjectDock Docklets...


Hi there,

i dealed with the objectdock sdk in the last days and the following application is the result:

in the background you can see the information which are saved in the docklet dll. And in the foreground you see my C# application which dynamically loads the docklet and reads its data. I think this are the basics for such a implementation of the docklets and in the next days I will have a closer look to alle the functions written in the sdk documentation. Overall it shouldn't be very difficult.
Please tell me your ideas. It would be great too if someone could help me with coding some structs in c++ for c#. especially the following:

--- Code: C++ ---typedef struct{        HWND hwndDocklet;        HINSTANCE hInstanceDll;         int iTestNumber;        char szTestString[500]; } DOCKLET_DATA;
... it should be something like this:

--- Code: C# ---[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)]    public struct DOCKLET_DATA    {        public IntPtr hwndDocklet;        public IntPtr hInstanceDll;        public int iTestNumber;        [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst = 500)]        public String szTestString;    }
but it won't work :(

and there's another problem, too ... i don't know how to handle the functions that are called from the dll plugin ... any ideas?

Take Care,
Sebastian M.

hello again ....

well i have an idea how to integrate such a feature. It would require some weeks of work... But i know that and how it can be done!

But if there is no interest i don't think that i'm going to code this ...

take care,

Would it be easier to make this a separate project from Circle Dock and get it to run as a standalone first? Getting docklets working is a big project in itself and DonationCoder could always host the project. As for the Docklet_Data struct declaration in your first post, try replacing

public IntPtr hInstanceDll;


public int hInstanceDll;

I would be interested in hearing what's required to get docklets running in C#.

Eric Wong

well the problem above is no problem anymore ... and i would create a standalone first.

but overall ... i first need an extra c++ dll which interacts between the docklet and the c# application. I don't think that would be any problem and i will start it now :) i will let you hear about some steps. I will have an integration in circledock in my mind :)

Sounds good. Let me know if you need some web space to host the standalone docklet project.


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