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@Tom - thanks for the suggestion. Though it's now too late for my 400MB file (it would be just too painful to try to restructure it now), going forward I'll try to use folders by year or month.

v2.38.0 BETA - Dec 16, 2016

* [Improvement] Significantly improved performance when browsing through clips and adding new clips.
* [Improvement] Home and End keys now go to top and bottom of grid.
* [Improvement] New option to not update last view date of clips when browsing (better performance).
You should find that browsing through clips is noticeably faster now -- for some folks the speed improvement may be huge; thanks to Iain for his help tracking down the slowdown.

Cross-posted from: Re: Problem: CHS consistently very slow to display clips. Need workaround or fix.
This can definitely be flagged as "FIXED" now!
I have downloaded CHS v2.38 BETA and installed it, from

Thanks a lot for doing this speed-up. Nice work. You raised the bar of CHS' performance.   :Thmbsup:
 CHS v2.38 BETA is blazingly fast - just like it should be. Out of interest, I was just comparing it side-by-side with CHS v2.36 BETA on another laptop. No contest!
And thanks also for improving the functional ergonomics of the Home/End keys. It's only a small ergonomic improvement, but, when one uses those keys as frequently as I tend do on a daily basis, then it can all add up so that even a small ergonomic improvement like that can make for a vast improvement over time, in terms of time saved.

By contrast, the speed-up is also an ergonomic improvement, but it's a big deal (massive) improvement for this user, and it changes one's whole perception of the ease-of-use of CHS. After this fix, one can now better use CHS for the sorts of things it should and could have been useful for, by design, but which one had avoided using it for, because it was effectively crippled by such a proverbial PITB. (Because of my critical view and high expectations, I am usually extremely impatient with computer software and can't abide "laggy" functionality in a GUI that I need to use.)

A much happier user now!    :)
-IainB (December 16, 2016, 10:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

Odd thing here. Text is in the spoiler below.

Spoiler      CHS "hang" with unusual icon with a little green arrow, in the Systray.
      Whilst messing about on 2016-12-15 (0429hrs) with testing the CHS "laggy" problem (not absolutely sure, but I think it was CHS v2.37), CHS hung (stopped responding), and I noticed that it had this icon with a little green arrow in the Systray. Since I had never seen it before, I took a screenshot, meaning to ask you what the icon signified. Then I killed the CHS process (in Process Hacker) and restarted CHS - and promptly forgot about it.
      Then, with CHS v2.38 the same thing happened earlier this morning (2016-12-18) - CHS hung, the little icon was there, and I killed the CHS process (in Process Hacker) and restarted CHS.
      I don't know what the little icon with the green arrow signifies. Could it be related to a CHS hang? Since I had never seen it before (previous CHS v2.36), I wondered whether you had introduced it in v2.37.

Under what circumstances would CHS (v2.36) put files:

* tmpin.txt
* tmpout.txt - into the CHS program folder?
I recall taking a clip of the contents of the first file, but there is no clip in CHS, so I may have subsequently deleted it.
The contents of the second file appear to be a very garbled version of the contents of the first file.


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