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Paste template: Works fine.
This seems to be working fine for me. I have not been able to repeat/capture the occasional odd behaviour on paste that I reported (in another thread) with it in OneNote. Very nice. Thanks.    :Thmbsup:

OneNote image clips are lost and replaced by a code: (Intermittent.) Database error?
Occasionally, image clips taken by OneNote are lost and just an obscure code remains in the database.
In the example below, all the images you see were OneNote clips, and two of them have disappeared. I have seen this as an intermittent error before, but had not come across 2 in close succession, so thought this might be worthwhile capturing. It's not easily repeatable.

Occasionally, image clips taken by OneNote are lost and just an obscure code remains in the database.
--- End quote ---

Can you elaborate?  Are you saying that CHS successfully grabs and stores the image and you can see the image in CHS, but then the image gets removed and replaced with a text clip, or is that CHS should be capturing an image clip but is capturing text instead, or is something else happening.. I can't tell from the screenshots..  How do these clips get listed in the clip grid?  If you manually go view the image file folder, do you see the image clips there even though they aren't in the grid?

Also, is this a new thing happening only with the new version or was it happening before too?

Occasionally, image clips taken by OneNote are lost and just an obscure code remains in the database.
--- End quote ---
Can you elaborate?
-mouser (October 23, 2012, 09:41 PM)
--- End quote ---
OK, sorry for the delay. I was wrong - or not entirely correct - about what was happening, and it is not a new thing. I have seen it occasionally before, but I think I had not noticed two instances in close succession before. This is the first time I have made some effort to study what is going on.

It took some time to do an investigation of the images and the "code" records in the CHS database. It was a bit confusing as I have been taking a lot of successive image clips with the OneNote clipping tool, but I have made some discovery, and the good news is that:

* (a) every such clip has been saved correctly in the OneNote Unfiled Notes section (so there is an auditable trail).
* (b) after comparing each image in OneNote with each image in the CHS database (that was tedious!), I have verified that every such clip has been saved correctly in the CHS database.
* (c) the CHS database has had nothing deleted, but has some extra records though (obscure n-digit codes).
After some investigation, what seems to have been happening is this:

* Step 1: Take an image clip with the OneNote clipping tool.
* Step 2: CHS makes a capture "ping".
* Step 3: A OneNote message pops up from the systray confirming that a clip capture has been made.
* Step 4: The image is saved correctly in two places: one in the OneNote Unfiled Notes section and the other in the CHS database.
* Step 5: After taking the clip, and before taking any other clips, I go to an existing .png file in my usual Screenshots folder, open it in irfanview.
* Step 6: I paste the image (from the Clipboard) into the file, overwriting the image in RAM.
* Step 7: Sometimes I adjust the file in irfanview.
* Step 8: The image in irfanview is then saved as a new file name which is similar to the opened file name, in the Screenshots folder.
Usually, this works just fine.
Sometimes, something different happens in step 6: when the paste is made, the paste occurs OK, but a CHS capture "ping" occurs as the paste is made.
If I then (say) paste the contents of the Clipboard again into the image in Irfanview, overwriting the image last pasted, a strange n-digit code is pasted, as for example: (is this hex?)


These were also saved as text clips in the CHS database (that must be why the extra capture "ping").
Notice the formatting in these images.
Here's a picture of the CHS clip record of the last image above, as it appears in the CHS database Memo and Grid.

This then seems to be repeatable, a bit like a chain reaction.
I don't understand it. Something is triggering this. I wonder whether this is necessarily a CHS problem per se, or maybe (say) something being triggered in irfanview as a pseudo "Copy" command by a field in the Clipboard.(?)    :tellme:

What is a discovery (for me) is that you can take a text clip and paste it as an image into irfanview.
(Though it apparently loses any formatting.)

I hadn't realised this before now. It has possibilities!    :)

Ok so I don't have an answer but I may have another clue.
I'm guessing that that "code" is in fact a hex COLOR number.

My guess is that something (a hotkey) is causing an application (CHS suggests the culprit is irfanview?) to copy a pixel color hex code to the clipboard.


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