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Just checking: this is now v2.16.02 ß, I guess - right?


In 'Notes' 'copy clip to clipboard' (toolbar icon) does not appear to work.
-JeremyWW (October 19, 2012, 12:04 PM)
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Very good, except the above still doesn't function.


v2.16.02 - October 22, 2012

* [Feature] Added new quick template, paste template menu, print template, and quick-template hotkey; all let you configure more elaborate text templates to be used when pasting or printing clips to add additional information and formatting.  See "Paste Template" tab in options.
* [Improvement] When manually adding new clip via NewClip button, it will automatically be selected regardless of grid sorting.
* [BugFix] When CHS was set to StayOnTop, options form was showing behind main form.
* [BugFix] Attempt to fix bug with Ctrl+Alt+C forced Ctrl+C sending (capture beep sound should no longer play if a new clip was not captured).
* [Feature] Added new quickpaste popup menu item to show additional actions menu (shift+click menu) for first clip.
* [Feature] Added paste-as-file action in quick paste shift clip menu; see Paste As File option tab for default filename templates.  This idea was copied from a cool utility by DC member c.gingerich called "Paste As File" (see
* [Feature] Maximum excerpt size in database now increased to 255; new option on Tweak tab to change max size of excerpt actually captured.
* [Feature] New clip hint on quick-paste menu shows maximum excerpt size, and with newlines preserved in hint.
* [Feature] Added new column for each clip record to store the active window title (WindowTitle).

v2.16.02 - October 22, 2012-mouser (October 22, 2012, 12:45 PM)
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Running this give mes — Error EX11: TableClips: Field 'Window Title' not found.

So, I turned on display of the Window Title column…
and I can see the Window Title in "information about the last active window" (%windowtitle% = Post reply - - Aurora).

Where's the switch that will fix this for me, please?

Based on the date of this post I'm guessing you downloaded the latest version but can you make sure you have the latest download -- the problem you are describing was in the previous upload to the best of my knowledge and has been fixed before this latest release.

If you're still getting it, it means I must have not uploaded the latest version..


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