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I'd love to have some reports about whether the beta version is stable for everyone after a couple of days of use.

Next version will have an improvement and option for this, where you can change the maximum excerpt size to 255 (see Tweak tab of options), and hint on clip hover will now show full excerpt size with newlines preserved.
-mouser (October 19, 2012, 09:42 AM)
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Ok, it seems I can alter the size of the preview between captures, i.e. older clips with the excerpt set to a smaller size will not show at an 'increased size' after changing the setting - you need to 'capture' the same clip again. Also, I never get a full size excerpt and new lines are not being preserved.

I'm a little unclear about what you are saying -- you say you can alter the size but you can't?  And we're talking about the Quick Paste popup menu right? (Ctrl+Alt+Q hotkey by default).

I'm a little unclear about what you are saying -- you say you can alter the size but you can't?
-mouser (October 19, 2012, 11:54 AM)
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I'm confused because your original words were '...full excerpt size with new lines preserved'. By that I thought you meant that if I have two lengthy clips with slight differences, say a few lines in, I would be able to tell them apart using the preview on clip hover. I didn't realise that the excerpt was actually still limited. Is it possible to set it to 'unlimited' if desired? Also, new lines are not preserved. The preview on hover is a continuous line of text.

EDIT: Also, could we have the preview stay visible until the mouse is moved, rather than timing out?

It's not possible in current version, but I'll probably add it later.  Newlines should be preserved -- if the original is one large line, that's what you'll see.


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