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it's always easier when someone else has made a good program - you can see what works and what doesn't, and what you might do differently.  there are lot's of advantages to going first of course, but much to learn from a good program.  clipmate is definitely one of the best.

actually, i used a database solution like clipmate and i'm having 2nd thoughts about it.. i'm not a huge database fan.. so i'm currently mulling over rewriting some of clipboard help+spell myself..  that's part of the reason that chs is in a quiet period.

Yeah, let someone else do the ground work--piggy back off  their knowledge, add your own unique touch and let the users decide what does the job best for them.  ClipMate is unarguably an amazing program -- only reason I even look at other things is the size and importability of CM.  It goes so far beyond the call of duty for a clipboard extender, it would probably be better referred to as a data management solution with Clip Board monitoring support ;)

AceText (by JG Soft, same guy who makes EditPad/EditPad Pro) is a newer player in the clipboard extender game.  One thing I really like about it is that its data is stored in text files rather than databases.  I like this for portability--unfortunately AceText still requires the registry for its settings and registration info.  There goes portability.  I do like file-based storage because I tend to, when I can, open files and manually work in them when I need to do batch operations with regex, etc.

I haven't tried running CHS from a portable drive--would it work?  I peaked in the folder and it appears that most everything is stored within the program directory including the settings.  So in theory, it should be a fully portable clipboard extender, right?

Little bug of course--CHS doesn't check to see if it's already running when it launches.  So launching another instance results in a bunch of database error feedback and necessitates ctrl+alt+delete to kill the second instance.

Yes, CHS is portable.  In fact, if you download the exe and change the extension to zip, then extract the zip to a folder you can run right away. 


i'm going to fix the multiple instance bug this week as well - thanks for reminding me, that is a doozy.

as for storing data in text files - i have the same preference as you, and that is what i've been internally debating about the future of chs.  using database has some real advantages in terms of speed working with a large collection, but the advantages of using normal files is quite significant in terms of flexible and traditional file access.  i've not been overly thrilled with the database approach.   we've discussed before the possibility of some kind of hybrid, and it's something i'm considering.  you really don't want 20,000 files holding 10 bytes each, that just won't do.  so some kind of solution other than one file one clip has to be figured out for holding huge numbers of small clips, when dealing with the clipboard..

i'm still struggling with this issue in my head.  it's been made a little easier recently since i've done a lot of work on a new hierarchical node management gui for the upcoming programs contextmenu commander and launchbar commander (launchbar commander should be out in a week btw), and so i'm leaning torwards a more flexible non-database approach to the hierarchical management of information.  we can talk more about this issues, it might help refine my thinking on it.

a hybrid approach might in fact do some of the things kfitting has advocated for - allow the program to basically treat each node as an entity that could be a different database, or a text file, etc.  which might be a nice solution if the details could be worked out without it getting too complicated.


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