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I've pushed a new version which solves rjbull's problem-mouser (August 09, 2011, 11:09 AM)
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I confirm that it now works as expected, provided you edit the config to be portable  :-[

Thanks, mouser.

[Edit 2011-08-10, 22:22] As mouser suggested above, he's also changed main menu item Presets to Layouts in the latest version, which does make sense. [/Edit]

@mouser: I said above:
3. Would it be useful to add the option in CHS to periodically re-establish the clipboard chain?
This is currently done by manual selection as and when the chain breaks.
Since the chain breaking could happen at any time and is outside of the control of CHS, it might be worth considering an option setting to re-establish the chain at variable intervals (e.g., 10mins. or 30mins.)
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However I just noticed that, as well as the manual "Re-establish Clipboard Chain", the Options include Clipboard | Clipboard tricks | Re-establish clipboard periodically. Is that the same things as what I was asking for - "periodically re-establish the clipboard chain"?
If so, then I apologise for not having spotted it before.      :(
CHS is in a state of dynamic change, so there's sometimes lots  of new stuff for me to discover about it.

Yep, that's it.

Hello, I am having a problem downloading the new version, for some reason in Firefox 5 and now 6 it will get to where I click on the location to save the file and then it just sits there and does nothing, is there some way you can send the file to me by email as I can get it there. The dcupdater program does the same thing also, so I don't think it is on my end but it could be, if you know how to fix this so I can get the updated programs I would love it. I also have the same problem with the Screenshot captor program. Thanks for the very good programs. :)

That's really stranage.  Did you try with another web browser -- chrome or internet explorer or opera?
If those still don't work, send me a message and i will try to email you a copy.  But it's not a good permanent solution so it would be nice to find the real cause.
Maybe some security software on your pc?


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