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Even though I'm not much for name changes in general, codyclips does sound good :)

@mouser: Sorry I posted this here:
Re: V2 Beta of Clipboard Help+Spell With Support for Images
I think it should have been in this thread.
CHS seems to be working really nicely for me now, and the image support is sometimes exceedingly useful. THANKYOU!    :Thmbsup:

Feedback and suggestions/notes:
See if you can identify what triggers these remaining problems. [sporadic DBISAM errors]
-mouser (May 06, 2011, 09:46 PM)
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Belated feedback on this: These errors seem to have "gone away".

Plus, some interesting notes:
1. Taken from the ReadMe.txt file of LeeLu Soft's Clipboard Rules 1.0:
SpoilerClipboard Rules 1.0 - a freeware by LeeLu Soft 2011
Clipboard Rules is a unique and simple to use clipboard monitoring tool that can trigger different actions based on the text loaded to the clipboard.
The rules applied only to text strings loaded to the clipboard.
It is a small and portable utility.

How to use Clipboard Rules
Clipboard Rules is a portable application, there is no install process, just unzip the file to any folder and run it.

Using Clipboard Rules, like all other LeeLu Soft programs, is very simple.

The application starts minimized in the system tray, a click on the Clipboard Rules tray icon will open the main form, a right click on the Clipboard Rules tray icon will open a popup options menu.

To add a rule, click on the "Add Rule..." button, this will open the rules editor.
Here you define the rules, some of the properties are mandatory properties:

- Rule name - this is the rule identifier and it is mandatory.
- Text to trigger rule - this is the text that when loaded to the clipboard will trigger the action rule, this is case sensitive and mandatory.

- Execute a program or batch file - check this checkbox to enable execution when rule is triggered and enter or browse the full path and file name to execute, red text means the file doesn't exists, blue text means files exists.

- Write to a log file - check this checkbox to write a log entry for every time the rule is triggered, enter or browse the full path and file name (will be created if not exists) for a text log file, red text means path doesn't exists, blue text means path exists.

- Open windows explorer in - check this checkbox to open a specific folder when rule is triggered, enter or browse the full path to the selected folder, red text means path doesn't exists, blue text means path exists.

- Replace clipboard text - check this checkbox and enter a new text to replace the clipboard text when a rule is triggered, check the "Append text to clipboard text" checkbox to append the new text to the existing clipboard text.

- Popup a message - check this checkbox to popup a message when a rule is triggered.

- Show desktop alert - check this checkbox to show a desktop alert (same as new mail in outlook) when a rule was triggered.

- Save - rule will add the new rule to the rules list and will clear the edit fields.
- Clear - click to clear the edit fields.
- Exit - to exit the rules editor back to the main form.

Now you can see your new rule on the rules list and it is active.
To edit a rule, double click on it and the Rules editor will open with the rule loaded.
To delete a rule, select it and click "Delete Rule"
To pause a rule, select it and click "Pause rule"
To activate a paused rule, select it and click "Activate rule"
Selecting a rule, will display his status on the status bar.

You can minimize it to tray again by clicking on the "Tray" button.

Clipboard Rules must run (better minimized to tray) in order to trigger actions based on rules.

2. Yankee Clipper - YCX <--> YC3 comparison.
CHS would seem to surpass most of the features of these two.

3. Would it be useful to add the option in CHS to periodically re-establish the clipboard chain?
This is currently done by manual selection as and when the chain breaks.
Since the chain breaking could happen at any time and is outside of the control of CHS, it might be worth considering an option setting to re-establish the chain at variable intervals (e.g., 10mins. or 30mins.)
-IainB (August 04, 2011, 06:24 PM)
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i wonder why no one has requested that before.. sure that's easy enough to do.-mouser (August 05, 2011, 04:24 PM)
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Because it shows that way on the popup already?  It only matters (to me) when using the main window.

though note that another way to look at your request is to say that you can just ignore the title field (and event hide it from display if you like), and just look at the excerpt field, which you can show in quick paste menu and show in the grid, etc.

so i'm happy to add it, but if you are desperate for it, might it be the case that you aren't sure how to have the excerpt column do the job you want it to do?

--- End quote ---
I hadn't noticed the "excerpt" field   :-[  I had to give myself a short refresher on how to reorder columns, too.  Putting "excerpt" as the first column, then "title," "created," and "data size" seems to work well for me.  The new title token %shortexcerpt% looks potentially useful, depending on set up.

By the way, I just looked at the CHS page again, and realised you can customize the layout.  I've not found it very easy, but, how do you "save layouts for easy switching," and is there a quick "panic button" way to get back to the default layout in case of screwing it up?

but, how do you "save layouts for easy switching," and is there a quick "panic button" way to get back to the default layout in case of screwing it up?
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Yes and yes.  All under the "Presets" menu -- I should rename that to "Layouts".  Im not sure why it deserves a top-level menu of its own except that in the early days i envisioned people might be switching often between different layouts.

Note that you can save not just the tiled panel layouts, but it will also save the column list as well, which can be useful.

All under the "Presets" menu -- I should rename that to "Layouts".-mouser (August 07, 2011, 10:57 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks!  Renaming it would be good, especially as there's another Presets menu for a different purpose under Modify Format/Case for an individual clip.

OK, I can now Save my layout as a named file, and revert to the Last layout, but how do I load a named layout?  The Presets menu has a Save As item but not an Open item.


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