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A big thank you to Jesper and Hamradio and others for helping me test the new version and track down CHS bugs.

Is it just my system, or is there something slightly odd about 2.18.01's accelerator keys?  The first time I press the hotkey then W to bring up the main window, they don't work as expected.  That is, if I press Alt+F, nothing happens, even though the File menu is underlined.  I have to press Alt and release it to highlight File, then press Enter to drop down the menu.  This is with the cursor on All clips in the tree, but, CHS 2.18.01 starts with All coloured grey, not blue to indicate it's active.  If I click on it to make it go blue, or likewise on New clips, the accelerator keys work as expected, i.e. Alt+F immediately drops down the File menu, Alt+L the layouts, etc.

I don't know if this happened before, but I don't remember it.

I see what you mean.  I don't think it's a new thing.. I think it has to do with CHS starting the focus in the search/filter edit box, and it must have behaved like this for quite some time.

Minor update:
v2.19.01 - June 12, 2013

* [BugFix] The "Print Last Clip" menu item was sometimes printing an incorrect clip instead of the last one captured.
* [BugFix] The Modify Format dialog sometimes appeared behind main window and was hidden by it.
* [MinorFeature] The Modify Format dialog now can add a sequence of letters (A,B,C) as well as numbers, to lists.

Beta release, feedback wanted:

v2.20.01 Beta - Aug 26, 2013

* [BugFix] The "paste entire stack as block" function would not paste more than 25 clips.
* [Improvement] Maximum text capture size limit now increased from 10k bytes to 1mb (default changed to 32k).
* [Improvement] Installer now offers to install desktop icon.
* [Improvement] Custom spelling dictionaries are now stored in users config directory (which will be in App directory if portable or on xp, but in Documents subdirectory on Vista/Win7/Win8).
* [Improvement] Added Export button to database maintenance tab in options to export all clips (you can also export visible clips at any time from main File menu).
* [Improvement] Re-wrote the Modify Format/Case dialog help section.
* [Improvement] Options dialog now has a Cancel button to abandon any changes made.
* [Improvement] Merge separator is now a MRU-based combo box list.
* [BugFix] Custom hotkeys set to Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V will be ignored as they cannot be used (you can of course use them with modifiers like alt/shift/winkey).
* [BugFix] SaveAs and Printer configuration dialogs were sometimes showing behind main window.
* [BugFix] When Favorites were being shown on root of quick paste popup menu, only 1 was being shown.


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