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AceText uses one file per collection, you can have as many or as few collections open at a time as you wish--so if you have a lot of big ones, don't keep them all open.  Makes for a lot fewer files to process, at any rate, which would be a lot quicker than individual files if it's being run from a portable drive.  CHS is the only clipboard thing-a-mo-bob that can run effectively off a thumb drive, the rest love the registry. . . you could tout that point ;)

Databases are definitely faster for large collections . . . one nice thing about not using a database, though, would be images -- when CHS supports them, being able to just grab them out of a folder rather than going through the loops to export them would be pretty handy.  Especially for snapping a screenshot with the intent to upload it.

yeah i have same feeling as you for images and for manually created clips (which probably are never going to be > 1000 or so) - it would be quite convenient if these were simply stored as plain files and not in a database, and better for manipulation outside the program.

. . . these features are better suited toward power users and would probably seem coutner-intuitive to general consumers.  But it seems that it's fair to say users of donationcoder software, at the very least, have a favorite text editor -- which says a lot about a [man]. ;)  Along those lines, there isn't a way to pipe a clip to another application and back at present is there?

interesting idea - you just mean an easy way to edit text of clip inside another text editor.
this would be something that would again be easy if we used external pure text files for clip text..
i could add a function that saved text in a temp file, launched an external editor on it, and then monitored for changes to the file and update the clip, though it sounds a little messy.

That's essentially what a number of modern FTP clients do -- make a temp file, monitor it, and upload it when it changes and monitor the defined helper application--deleting the temp file when the other app is closed.  Could be handy.  In the long run, it's not that difficult to paste it into my text editor then copy it again when I'm done -- only save a few seconds time.  But some times I get a little pampered and expect a few keystrokes to do -everything- ;)


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