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Spanish translation here... Traducción al Español


I made a translation to Spanish for Circle Dock v0.9.2 Alpha 8, and named "Spanish.ini" here it is:

Spanish.ini for Circle Dock

its free  :Thmbsup:


I also created another language file, for anyone who likes it is free ...

--- ---
Sincerely ...

Great stuff guys, a typo here and there, but we're human beings aren't we?

But... Rapidshare is EVIL, and we have a lovely forum attach feature. That way we can be sure noone will delete our files.

Thanks for sharing :)


Muy bueno gentes, algun errorcito en algun lado, pero somos seres humanos, no?

Pero... Rapidshare es MALO, y tenemos una hermosa funcion para adjuntar archivos en este foro. De esta forma podemos asegurarnos de que nadie nos borre el archivo.

Gracias por compartir :)

I'll post a Circle Dock update in a few days with the new language files.


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