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'Everything' is one FAST file search engine

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Only ntfs volumes? kind of useless really, now what use another tool for non ntfs volumes?

But http and server stuff just ROCK!!!

Because only NTFS system uses the USN Journal -- and hence the lightning speed.

I understand that, but this is an issue for those of us who use multiple file system.  "Everything" cannot even see the drive at all, let alone indexing. I have encrypted dirves as well.

Not an appropriate name then...  ;) Nevertheless it serves well to me, being completely on NTFS.

Some time ago I was talking with some other dudes and the result of the discussion was that speed isn´t important. Now in this thread it seems that the speed is the main thing you´re looking at. What´s up now, do you prefer a big software packet with many great search features or speed?  :feedback:


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