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'Everything' is one FAST file search engine

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"Everything" is available for beta testing. It now supports Unicode and has some more new features and enhancements.

Any news regarding FARR plugin implementation?

"Everything" is available for beta testing. It now supports Unicode ……-yksyks (October 27, 2008, 03:55 AM)
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Yes, It support Chinese 中文 now. And I 'll provide a Chinese language Pack.
Thanks for the news.

Also, one reader from my blog are waiting for the FARR plugin.

samer the freeware genius is very excited with Everything!  :up:

New beta just released. Unicode sorting fixed now.

I've just tried Everything and I too am impressed by its speed  :o

Since my default search tool has been so far the Total Commander search feature, I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded in integrating the two programs. I can easily add a toolbar button in TC to launch Everything, but how do I "export" the search results from Everything back to TC? Can it be done? Any ideas? Thanks


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