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thank you and request



please bear with my english, i am not a native speaker. :)

just found circle dock couple days ago. i like it very much, but the high cpu issue in XP is really bothering me.  i just try the latest version and it seems still there. setting the z-level to normal or lowest doesn't really help. and it's kind of strange that a dock program can't be on topmost, right? i will be very appreciated if this bug can be fixed.

i used to use a similar program called magic formation
it's also very cool and have a lot of unique features.
but it stop developing anymore. so circle dock definitely looks more promising.
however there's a cool feature in magic formation that i would like to have in circle dock.

magic formation could locate the original exe file from the shortcut. even if the shortcut is lost.

example: i drag some shortcut from my desktop to  magic formation. and even after i deleted the shortcut on the desktop. i can still launch the program form magic formation. it auto locates the original path of the exe file and remember it.

it's a very useful feature. i hope it can be added to the next version. thank you  :)

Yup, those bugs was still there on the General > Z-level, when starting the Circle Dock is using "Topmost" set to "Normal" or "Topmost" first and than you set again to "Always On Bottom" and this will make your PC at high CPU usage until the Circle Dock restart, this issue only affect on Windows XP, I think Eric will fix this bug at future. Now the Circle Dock Alpha8.1 already has many functions such as directly link to program by using "Add Item" right click on Circle Dock, the drag n drop desktop shortcut icons Eric not fix to auto locates the original path yet. See the Home Page > Change Log.

Try setting the dock to topmost in the Settings Panel under General and restart the dock to see if that helps your CPU load.

As for finding the target files from shortcuts, Circle Dock will automatically find the target files from shortcuts when you drag and drop them onto the dock for files that have an explicit file path on your hard drive. For virtual folders such as "My Computer", "My Documents", and "Recycle Bin", those are not supported yet for a direct link.

However, there is good news! I have recently received code from Jorge Coelho, creator of - Winstep Software Technologies, that will complete the drag and drop capabilities of Circle Dock and you will be able to direct link explicit files in addition to the virtual ones. Jorge also sent me code to fix the shadow residue problem of the start menu when invoked from Circle Dock. Give his site a look through if you have a chance, He's a great guy and it is virtually impossible to find this kind of code on the web.

Yeah very good news! ;D

Drag n drop shortcut icon automatic take the target path and the virtual folder...
Already have code to fix the start menu shadow problem...

This two fix will release on Alpha 9?

Yes, those two fixes will come in Alpha 9 because I have to take time to understand the VB code Jorge sent and convert it to a form I can use in Circle Dock. It's some pretty deep stuff that I would never have thought of writing myself.


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