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FARR plugin: FARR Remember The Milk 1.1.3

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great ugrade, congrats on this even cooler version!

I love the logic fix and the tag, prority and list prompt!

I finally decided to use RTM and was hoping to find a FARR plugin for it. I have to say : this is brilliant ! :)

Thanks a lot for the great work.

Check out the two new options 'Highlight exact tag match' and 'Highlight search term'. Still wish I could use bold for highlighting (like Firefox does) ;)

Thanks for really helpful plugin, still there is something left to be improved.

as I start writing command , say 'rtm add ' I get list of options in search results window
after I press 'Fx' (F2 to select the 2nd option - "add note") all works fine, but if instead of F2 I press 'Down' FARR catches an exception and terminates.

Please, be aware of it.

Hi anaderi,

This is a known problem of an older version of FScript used by some scripting-based plugins. You can download a newer version of FScript here:

Maybe I need to add this info to my first post.


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