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FARR plugin: FARR Remember The Milk 1.1.3

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I was using FarrMilk since 0.2 and recently had problems when upgarded to 0.4.4. My tasks are no longer loaded properly and always shows 0 tasks. I was asked multiple times to authorize and the RTM site always used to autorize succesfully.

I just upgraded to 0.4.5 and this problem seems to have gone, i was able to reload tasks on my first attempt itself


Thanks Dinesh for reporting back. It is much appreciated!

It might be that FarrMilk has gotten popular enough for RTM to throttle its use. At least that is what they claim they will do when an API key uses too many of their API service resources. They request to keep server requests to an average of 1 per second (per user of the key, not per key). Both when authenticating as well as when loading tasks FarrMilk has to do several API requests in succession (e.g. getting list of locations, getting list of lists, getting list of tasks). Now I could imagine that while the first two succeeded, the last one (getting list of tasks) was blocked due to the throtteling, which is why FarrMilk gave you a list of lists, but no tasks.

FarrMilk 0.4.5 now makes sure that no more than 1 request per second is made on the RTM service.


Paul Keith:
Any new updates on how stable this plugin is after the recent fix? I'm consider trying this app out.

Seems perfectly stable now. But dude seriously it's not some pre-alpha OS that may or may not screw up the contents of your harddrive. Just go try it out, no harm in that.

Paul Keith:
Thanks. I'm just wary of losing any data from it.


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