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New Getting Organized Experiment?

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Have anyone thought of starting a new GOE? I personally needs Getting Organized more than ever, and although I've progressed a few small steps, I could definitely use the extra motivation that a DC GOE would give.

Or is Getting Organized already mission:Accomplished for you all?!?

GOE 2008? GOE 2009? GOE Winter 08-09? Anyone else thought of this?

I might be up for the GOE this year. I have successfully reduced my workload (I quit one of my jobs), and am now in the process of organizing of what is left of my life...

I'd love to go again.
I benefited a lot from developing a system last time, and i'd like to take it to next level.

I didn't get a system going, only got some ideas that I never managed to develop any further. So when I get the time ( ::) ) I'll come up with some ideas for a new GOE...


I'm in. Let's do it.


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