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Elliptical Circle Dock Works!

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I've one Circle Dock issue to let you know and must be improve, it is rotation mouse wheel scrolls up n down, every times I must click on the Circle Dock background once time to use mouse wheel to scroll up n down to rotate the icons, when click to show up or start up the Circle Dock. My suggest is when mouse over on Circle Dock and scrolls to rotate the icons, no need to click every times.


Now I using (minor Alpha8.1) and not have this problem yet, I don't know why...? But I still remember Alpha 8.0 has this problem...
Never mind, I keep on to attention this issue
-Boba-Fett (September 23, 2008, 04:06 AM)
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That is a bug that I know about. It comes up intermittently and is caused by the Orbit.Hook.dll component used to capture the event when you click your middle mouse button. I took it from another open source project but it appears that I will have to rewrite it to work properly. I will aim to do that for the Alpha 9 release.

If you use a keyboard hotkey to toggle Circle Dock, then there is no problem with it getting focus. As a work around, I recommend you install and use that to map Circle Dock keyboard shortcut to your middle mouse button and disable the mouse toggling in Circle Dock. Then, there should be no more issues. I expect to be able to find a suitable replacement for the Orbit.Hook.dll file that would be of similar quality as XMouseButtonControl.

Awesome! Any chance that it will be included in another pre-Alpha9 "minor update"? (pretty please! )
-Rostam (September 23, 2008, 11:30 AM)
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I'll post the updated CircleDock.exe file here later today/tomorrow so you can play around with it. I don't want to release it as another version because it would require more updates to the language files for the new options. Therefore, the elliptical options will only be in English for this modification.

COOL Elliptical Shape MAN...! I Will Very Expect Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 9 to be Release on Mid of Oct 08.
-Boba-Fett (September 23, 2008, 03:10 AM)
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I think that's actually one of your circular backgrounds in the screenshot!

Will it be possible to have back icons smaller than front ones?
It could be great to have 3D feeling with such feature. Users could define front and back size and the rest of the icons would be scaled depending on location between.

Or maybe even more advance settings? Specifying location of middle "circle", virtual user location and the point of view - all in almost-3D space. I know that all elements are flat but my imagination tells my such ideas. Staring on CD like on plate with tasty snacks. From wherever you look at it you always get hungry ;)

Yes, there is nothing that stops each icon from having an individual size. Circle Dock is coded so that each element is independent of everything else but is controlled by a central program so it is pretty flexible in that respect. One limitation that should be kept in mind is that the icons have to appear in front of the centre orb because the centre orb owns the icons.

Right now, you can also specify the angle of tilt for the ellipse and combined with different sized icons, I think it will look pretty snazzy. I will play around with it a bit more.


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