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CCleaner Or Not?

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After using it for a while, I've found that CCleaner is great for tidying up my Add/Remove control panel. I like being able to correct misspells and general typographical cleanup. Thanks again folks!

I use CC cleaner on a regular basis and it's a good basic tool.  For those rougher issues, I use Max Registry Cleaner (not free) which seems to do the trick.  Also, Heidi "Eraser", which is free, will attempt to get rid of it.   Another way is to "search" the name of the file or program, when it comes up, it will tell you exactly where it is.  Then go to the file and delete it.

I have been using CCleaner for a few years now. I like it. I have some leftover reg entries from an old LexMark printer and no matter what I do I can't get rid of them.

Also, if anyone has any new wonderful ways to totally erase Adobe Read 8 and 8.1 from my computer I would be most appreciative. I've tried ALL the techie forums and it still won't uninstall - No installer - uninstaller found. I tried going in in safe mode to delete the files..... no go... Did not work.

I've been using FoxIt as a PDF reader and it's leaner and cleaner than Adobe Reader, but I can't get rid of the Adobe Reader Program........ grrrrrrr.  :mad:

Chemainus, BC Canada

I stopped using Ccleaner on my Vista machine a few months ago.  :( It tended to undo explorer folder settings regardless of what options I used for cleaning (only disk cleanup, never the registry). Don't know if that was a bug specific to my Vista config, or a known problem. I probably need to download a newer release and see if it still occurs.

Welcome to DC, capture  :Thmbsup: We're practically neighbours!

I don't bother with these cleaner programs much anymore, beyond running them to see what's hanging around. A lot of software drops installer/uninstaller files into Temp folders. Even if they don't, if you're not paying attention while running the likes of CCleaner you run the risk of deleting files that are required for the continued use or the uninstallation of various applications... Thus, I am pretty circumspect when running cleaning applications (or at least in letting them delete anything).

As for Acrobat Reader 8 and 8.1, have you tried searching for an installer and running it? This works for me sometimes when I'm trying to remove a particularly obnoxious application - just run the installer and select "uninstall" or "remove" if those options exist. If they don't, just install and then run the uninstaller after a reboot. ALWAYS select a Custom install if you have to do the latter to avoid having the installer mess up your file associations and startup behaviour.


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