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2 questions for shareware authors

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What do you get out of it that makes it worth it?  I have also looked into a membership but just can't justify the cost..
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You get a lot of reliable information from other shareware authors, there are discussions about software protections, how to limit a trial version or experiences with promotions, just to list a few. I got lots of useful ideas and information from that organization...

Another organization is AISIP -
I'm not a member yet, but I'm sure that I will join sooner or later this year. It's a smaller community than the ASP, and I think most AISIP members (a list is on their page) are also member of the ASP. It's cheaper, and on their page you can also find a list of typical postings which are similar to postings in the ASP newsgroups, but what I have heard is that there is not such high traffic.

I'm in the same boat as you and manually submit applications using the PAD files.  I have compiled and maintain a list where my applications are - this list tells me if they support PAD submissions and if they require an account to submit software.
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Here are some other lists (if you want to take the time to submit your products manually ;) ): (=list of pages supported by PromoSoft which I use for submissions)


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