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Windows 7 -- ribbons for everyone!

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"Custom toolbars?  Who needs those?  We don't, therefore you don't."

The Dad-Blasted ribbon has even wormed itself into the 3D CAD we use at work.  I could learn to like the ribbon if they allowed customizaton- BUT NOOOO!
Not even a choice of placing often-used (BY ME) icons where I want them.
I dont hate MS or Office, just being told I dont have a choice.  Just drink the koolaid and be quiet.

2Paul Keith
Haven't you seen i.e. documents with overkilling Enter usage for placing the content on new page (instead of Insert -> Page break)? I did.
-fenixproductions (September 19, 2008, 01:56 PM)
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The whole discussion can become moot if you ignore the menus, menubars, ribbons, etc. and just Ctrl-Enter for your page breaks.  ;D

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IMHO I think the beef about the ribbon (I happen to dislike it with a fervor) is that it was forced on people. (Either intentionally or unintentionally) I think MS should allow a user to decide which version of the toolbars they want to use. (Then again that would be MS giving users freedom, but that is a different subject all together ;-) )

Interesting article in the NY Times for those of us that support business and network users:

10 best features in Windows 7 for IT professionals

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I'd like to quote a few things from it, but my reading of their terms of use makes me think I'm not allowed to. Guess you'll have to follow the link if you want to read more! ;D


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