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StandaloneStack on Circle Dock

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  :-* :-*  ;DCONGRATULATIONS..... I Love your circle, one thing and I think its a small thing,... you see everytime I turn off the computer or restarted, my circle dock doesn't run, do you have a ''Run on Start up'' or somthing, I don't wanna turn it up everytime I restart my pc..... please help.... :up:
-Sekko (September 27, 2008, 02:26 PM)
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Try placing a shortcut to Circle Dock in your Windows startup folder. There maybe a bug with this (the background may get skewed for some people).


You must de doing something wrong -for example I changed one step of the description, and hadn't placed the stack in the correct folder -and had similar errors. Please make sure you follow EXACTLY the steps described in the tutorial


Hi Video,
First post here.  Big thank you, your launcher rocks  :Thmbsup:.
I noticed from your caps that you suffer from the same bug in CD regarding Standalone Stack; the open folder icon doesn't show up.
I've tried everithing to no avail.  I'm positive that is a CD bug because they show up when launched from a regular shortcut or from magic formation (I've been using it for several months, now I'm in a transition to CD)
Hope you find the answer.
Thanks again

Hey folks there is a new Stack Docklet in the making here:

I have been beta testing this dpcklet on Rocket dock in a Windows Vista 32 bit environment, and I like what is happening here.

So I suspect we should keep an eye on this docklet to see where it will go.

That's good news. I especially like the way the old version behaves on Xwindowsdock. Here you can adjust the slant on the fan.

Anyway. I got an issue with Standalone. I added several stacks on a CD ring following instructions and with no trouble at all. The thing is next time I prompted CD and went to use them again, most were gone: I clicked on them and got the Stack properties dialog. Ony 3 out of 8 were still 100% functional. The second time, after retyping the links and assuring they were working fine again I got the same problem. This time I've been left with only one functional stack. The rest give me just properties dialogs.

Any idea what I have done wrong?


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