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StandaloneStack on Circle Dock

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What OS are you using?

XP or Vista?

Also are you using the Stack from here, or the new beta listed above?

Oh no, just the Standalone Stack ( 1.0 I guess. And on XP. Got Stack Docklet (old version) on ObjectDock, but not running parallel to CD.

BTW, Chrisnsoft's Forum is down... that's why I've come over ere.  :(

Just checking...

Anybody else still using this with CD? Maybe there is a limit of stacks allowed in CD?

O apologize, I have been very busy. I am trying to find out myself. I normally do not use the stack, but I figured I would run it, and see if I can help you out.

Bare with me as the Stack is a new item for me.

Auskalo, You are not forgotten

I am in the middle of making the tutorial I promised some time, ago. I have run some situations on the Standalone stack, and I think I know what the problem is, but I want to verify first.

I will be doing a complete install and walkthrough regarding the Standalone stack, so hopefully I will be able to address the isuue you are having at the same time.



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