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false info about textpad - does have hex...


it's called "binary" - menu file, open, choose file, file format: binary --> get a hex view of that file
no editing though...

the reason I prefer textpad is because it features "document classes" in preferences, where you can decide which filetype is opened/viewed how. I often view *.nfo files, which needs DOS character set... in ultraedit I would need to enable "oem character set" manually and then this is a global setting (for all opened tabs) - pretty much unusable

ultraedit is more flexible overall though - so if someone knows how to solve my little problem, I could switch...


thanks andreas8, i'm going to update review info about hex view.

and that is a very interesting point about changing character set based on file type.  if anyone knows how to do this in UE, or any other editors that have this feature let us know.


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