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Agnitum has agreed to give a 25% discount to members.
A fantastic deal on the best firewall available.  Details to follow.

We have been able to increase this to 50%  :eusa_dance:
See details in Member Section

i've tried searching through the forum but i can't find any details on how to purchase the software with the 50% discounts applied.

i see here though that details are to follow.

is this correct or have i missed some vital info somewhere.

sorry for any confusion - i've gotten a few emails from people who are wondering the same thing.
you've got it right -
the discount is already agreed to and settled, we are just waiting on a discount code and form to give to our members.

agnitum outpost works by activating the trial download, so i suggest, as i did in the review, that you download the trial and install it, and use it for a few days while we are waiting for the official discount gateway, so that you know it's right for you before you spend any money on it.  At $20 it's a pretty great deal but still no point being imprudent, might as well use the trial for a couple days and make sure it's something you want before you lay out the money.  the trial is fully functional just has a 30 day limit.

when i get the codes i will send out an email and we will probably put the links and codes in the Members Only section of this forum, since that is already set up to be for member's only.

excellent. sounds like the most sensible thing to do.

Hi Mouser,

I am running the Outpost Pro trial and decided to purchase with the 50% discount, but still can't find it now on the last day of the promotion.  I sent an email to you with same info.  If Agnitum has agreed to this promotion and still has not provided a code, perhaps it will be extended?



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