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Idea: Pop out from directory

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For people like myself who unrar/unzip a lot it can become a pain when the item we unzip (into the current directory) unzips but also creates a sub directory so this means going into that subdirectory , highlighting everything , cut and then navigating back to the parent directory and pasting.

It would be cool if we could highlight files, right click and select a 'pop out' option where all selected files were moved the directory above.

Thanks for reading :-)


And welcome to DC :)

I know someone complained about this earlier.
There's a better solution than what you're thinking. Here on DC, someone made a program that unzips stuff always to the top directory, thus, it never creates the subdirectory you mentioned (even if it exists in the rar) ;).
Unfortunatelly, after a quick search, I wasn't able to find this program. But I'm sure someone knows what I'm talking about and will get you a nice link :)

Filenanny maybe?

all selected files were moved the directory above.
-pongosnodgrass (September 18, 2008, 05:48 AM)
--- End quote ---

just drag the selected files to the parent folder, or any other folder, in the folder pane.  instant copy.

 :) I've started using ExtractNow from and plan to never extract a single archive manually again! Download and donate!


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- Recursively search through folders for archives (Just drag and drop them)
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