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Does anyone use an online snippets manager?

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I'm looking for an online source code snippets manager. I've tried CodeKeep ( but find it quite slow and the adverts annoying. I've tried Koders ( but can't get past the email verification system.

I wondered if anyone here used or knew of such a system. I don't mind paying a reasonable fee to use the facility and it could even be something that I install on my own web site (my host supports php and MySQL and I use Mantis this way for bug tracking).

At the moment I work in two places and use the excellent Knowledge Base by OzmoSys ( - the only drawback being that I need to remember to add/edit code clips on both PCs.


Why not install something like a on your web space? It's open source. Here's the direct link to download (has installation instructions inside):

Thanks Sri, it looks promising

i'd suggest creating a free subversion repository online and checking out a copy on any machine. I realize this is not what you asked but it's better integrated and more secure / convenient, imho.

I really like as alternative to pastebin :) - the only drawback: no download version, so you couldn't host it for yourself


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