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Sad Weekend....

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can you get a list of the last ips that have checked that file in the recent past? if you can't using logs on your website, your website host may be able to.

if you find an ip that isn't one of yours, maybe someone here can help you track it down.

Damn, that SUCKS - sorry to hear about this, Codebyte!

Good thing that you had semi up-to-date backups. A thing like this really does show how important that stuff is.

I wouldn't get my hopes up high wrt. getting the laptop back, though... even if they don't format the machine and it's connecting to the internet and contacting your server. Law enforcement usually has a lot of work to do, and a laptop theft would rate pretty low on their list of importance. And (as long as you aren't RIIA), it requires paperwork to have an ISP hand out personal info from an IP address. Not to mention that if connecting from a school or dorm buildings, there might be a lot of people behind a single NATed WAN IP.

Best of luck, though!


Take a look at The Laptop Lock. I have it installed on my own notebook. You register your laptop at the web site, download and install the client on your computer, then you configure exactly what you want done to the contents of your laptop in the event it is stolen or lost. From their web site:

"If the computer is stolen, login into your account, mark the computer status as stolen. As soon as that machine connects to the Internet, the actions you set during setup will execute. The LaptopLock will also try to find out as much as possible about the connection to help in recovery of the machine. THE LAPTOPLOCK DOES NOT MONITOR OR RECORD USER ACTIONS. THE LAPTOPLOCK DOES NOT ALLOW ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER OR DATA. THE LAPTOPLOCK CAN ONLY EXECUTE ACTIONS THE USER HAS PRE-PROGRAMMED IT WITH."

I have it set up on my notebook. Just make sure that you keep good backups - and NOT on the computer itself!


EDIT:  BTW - Free for the time being. I guess it could become a For Pay solution in the future.

I know from experience that it's a horrible feeling when your place is broken into - no matter what's stolen ...
It's great that your family are so helpful, and wonderful that you appreciate it so much :) :Thmbsup:

J-Mac: whether such a service will do any good depends on the knowledge of the criminals (or the people they sell the laptop to). I've never touched "hot goods", but I know I'd definitely not start by going online with a stolen laptop. I might snoop through the data, but I'd do that offline (probably creating a mirror of the disk), and then I'd certainly format the system clean.

But I guess your average criminal doesn't think that far?


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