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Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 8.1 (Minor Update) is Released


Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 8.1 is released with some updated language files: Serbian, Croatian, Simplified Chinese 1, and French. There are also a few new backgrounds included that were posted on this site. The executable portion of Circle Dock is the same so you do not need to upgrade everything if you already have Alpha 8.

Thanks to Lingku, Igor Stanisic, [email protected], and Boba-Fett for providing updates and to anyone that I may have missed. I have updated the credit list on the Circle Dock website and noted it on the download page, but I have not changed the CircleDock.exe file with any updates yet because I don't want to change it just yet. I will update it in a future release:

For people who are having trouble accessing Wikidot, you can grab an alternative copy of CircleDock at

I've been doing a bit of development on Alpha 9 by through coding a new program, Custom Desktop Logo: (Translations for this program are welcome. It is multi-language compatible like Circle Dock is.) I've been experimenting with multi-threading and I have solved one of the location issues with the alpha blending function by rewriting so that I can now move a dock icon and resize it at the same time without jerky movements. Every alpha blending function I've seen on the web has this glaring bug in it and I'm will be posting an article somewhere about how to do proper alpha-blended graphics. I just can't believe how many people have this bug in their program and why they don't fix it.

Thanks Eric updated the Circle Dock to Alpha 8.1 and also updated the language files. I know this version is same as the previous Alpha 8.0 and all the language files I just using English, I am a Chinese guy but I only to be used the English interface.

If the Alpha 9 is out, can I just copy n paste the inside "Setting" folder "Config.ini" & "DockItemData.ini" files and not effect the new version?

If the Alpha 9 is out, can I just copy n paste the inside "Setting" folder "Config.ini" & "DockItemData.ini" files and not effect the new version?

-Boba-Fett (September 23, 2008, 03:53 AM)
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Yes you can. The recommended method of upgrading now is to simply copy over the System -> Settings folder into the newer Circle Dock versions and you will retain all your settings.

It's so good!


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