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The GodFather - Audio File Manager with Scripting

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superboyac , have you tried mp3tag yet? i'm curious to hear your view of that.

Iam can't get familar with The GodFather
 (The didn't work for me,
this side works )

But based on this thread i will take an second look  ;)

With mp3Tag i must create "Actions" first bevor i can do what i want to do.
Media Tagger have clean interface with "bevor and after"-preview and works good.

BTW: iam used to use MP3 Book Helper from
'cus it has a clean GUI with "bevor and after"-preview
and i could managed my regex replacements with this tool very well.
MP3 Book Helper Online Help with     Feature list

superboyac , have you tried mp3tag yet? i'm curious to hear your view of that.
-mouser (December 28, 2005, 02:34 PM)
--- End quote ---

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that!  I did try out mp3tag a few times, although i will admit that I didn't spend as much time with it as I did for TGF.  Here are my initial impressions:

Again, it is definitely a powerful program and does everything I want it to do.  The question is how it accomplishes this.  For example, it has the feature to preview the changes before you make them, but all it does generate a text file that notepad opens and you see the existing/changed files listed one after another.  Now, Tag&Rename's preview is much more polished.  It opens up it's OWN window, with all the existing names listed on the left side, and the new filenames (or changed tags) listed on the right, in a very nice interface (nice gridlines, etc, things that don't really matter but are nice).  Furthermore, both mp3tag and TGF have less convenient methods of selecting and deselecting the files you want to work with than Tag&Rename.  Like I mentioned before, T&R has those 4 buttons for this purpose which I use constantly, especially in huge directories that just have a bunch of albums dumped into them.  Also, in mp3tag, you change and save your favorite file-naming routines in the preferences, which seemed odd to me.  In T&R, you do it on the actual window that you are working in.  It seems weird to have that in the same place where you also decide whether or not you want the program "minimizing to tray", etc.

Again, none of these things are a big deal and it's just a matter of preference, but these programs are basically just specialized file-renamers.  Actual "power" in these types of programs are less of an issue than in, say, other types of programs like file-manages like Directory Opus, where power is very significant.  So, since all of these programs basically can do the same thing, excluding a few very intricate features, then the primary importance to me is the user interface and efficiency and speed.  This is why I keep going back to Tag&Rename.  I don't have a problem learning how to use a software if I have to, but I don't feel the need to do that for this kind of software.

So...that's my story.  Sometimes, I wish I new how to program myself, but all I do is ask for features...I'm a feature leech!

iam found here infos about TGF 0.71 Beta2 with download: ==>

Where can i download the beta 3  as Hirudin mention at
Uh Uh, me dummy mistook version .70 with .71 !
There was a v0.70 beta 3
and there is a v0.71 beta 2 right now.

Sorry for the confusion ;)

i appreciate superboyac comments in this thread -
more and more as we go into the future it is the user interface that represents the bulk of a program.
no matter how "powerful" a program is, if it's hard to do the common stuff, many of us don't want to spend a week learning how to script something.  it does go to show you that you can't simply grab the program people call the best or most powerful, especially if you want something that is designed for smooth ease of use.


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