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The GodFather - Audio File Manager with Scripting

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Just in case any of you are looking for an audio file manager I thought I'd bring " The GodFather " to your attention.

I wont get into it now, but TGF can do practically anything audio-file related. One of the most powerful features is it's script support (using delphi). Another very cool thing about TFG is it's author (jtclipper) is very active in the forum, if there's something you need to ask about or have a suggestion to offer; you'll probably get a responce within a day or so.

I have to agree. I've looked at every audio file organizer/tagger there is & while The Godfather may have a silly name, not be as pretty to look at as some of the others, and may not have the best-laid out user interface, it is a very powerful.

It's so powerful, in fact, that it puts a lot of those $30-40 programs to shame. Did I mention The Godfather is freeware?  :)

I've tried it a long time ago and thought it was pretty good. I have since settled with Mp3Tag, however. It's amazingly powerful and I'm extremely efficient with it. I also use MusicBrainz Picard release.. which is still in early development, however, but is based on a very interesting concept.

I'll check Godfather out but I'm pretty happy with just Mp3Tag :)

A little bit of warning, the UI isn't the easiest to use.

Possibly the best testiment to the power of the prog is the Forum. Tons of people go on there to ask for a new feature, only to be told it's already been implemented.

[edit]I guess I should mention that I'm a moderator of the GodFather forum, other than that, I have no official affilieation with The GodFather[/edit]

Mp3tag all the way.  8)


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