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IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer

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Eric, you continue to amaze.

I hope i don't have to remind people that if you appreciate what Eric has been creating on the forum, that you send him a few donationcredits and a word of encouragement!  We are extremely lucky to have coders like Eric roaming the forum and implementing requests and we need to let him know how much it's appreciated.


This might fit the bill...

drag the image you want onto the drop spot, size how you want, hit "T" to make transparent... Or, set the transparency level if you want translucency. then minimize the toolbar.

Great piece of software, simple to the point, I was also looking for a way to show a topmost transparent image on secondary monitor and found other little program that can't do transparency but have another nice feature, persistent topmost, it means that if another topmost window covers the image, then it will jump again to be the topmost window (looks like it does it with a 2secs timer), now with that, the program would be complete  :).

I will try to add that feature, but my programming skills are highly limited  :(.

Great job!.

P.S.: No Success, someone can helpme add a timer to reset focus to mainwindow?

Noone who can add a timer to re-set focus to this viewer each 'n' secons? I'm using it but there are certain situations where the viewer is sent to back when another window with always-on-top is opened.

Thanks in advance.

Drakh : If you're asking for programming help you'd best give the programming language you're using or you'll get no help.

Eric : Nine days for a feature-rich program... You may be the tenth wonder of the world.


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