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IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer

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I want to place a logotype in one corner of the screen. A bit like TV-stations often show their logotype in the top right corner.

This one is quite close:
Even if I buy their shareware, I doubt I could get rid of the frame that appears when aiming on top of the logo. And I need transparency through the picture, since it's probably going to cover some important parts of any maximised window :).

I also looked through and read about BS Player

But I don't find any util that does:
At startup
1. lets me choose a picture (GIF or PNG)
2. shows the picture, without any frame (like a splash screen) in the top right corner, and must stay always on top.
3. Then the picture becomes visually and functionally transparent. If I have a maximised window, I should see through and be able to click minimise/restore/close as usual.

This is the "logotype watermark, as seen on TV!" :-). I don't know if I _need_ any more features.

Some more ideas, most important to me first:
Bonus 1.
It would be cool if animated GIFs could work. Or AVI, but then without control buttons, just the picture. (With each file format, adjusting the window and media box control sizes might be the biggest task.)

Bonus 2.
Be able to change the transparency percentage/level. (I think there exists freeware/shareware that can adjust transparency of the whole window, which should do the trick. It could be handy to not have to run an extra program though.)

Bonus 3.
Be able to position the picture. This could be done at startup, maybe by moving the mouse and clicking to confirm the position. (That same transparency-program I seem to remember could also adjust positioning and other things by editing numbers.)

I'd like to not have this toy/tool showing anything in the task bar, to make it a bit trickier to close by mistake. Tray icon not neededclosing via Task Manager is good enough :). But I think this place has a standard of adding some links to the website, which would fit in on the tray icon then.

In Windows 95 times I did some Visual Basic program that almost managed the basic functionality, using source from searches on "splash screen" and "tray icon". Or if I got it from a programming intro book :0. There were some nasty win32 api calls in it. So if someone has a programming environment ready, I could support the programming process by looking up some source code examples!

What would this program be used for?

I would run it when I'm working with a client, or maybe when preparing an installation, to expose the company logotype.

Ah, now I remember another bonus idea.
Bonus 4.
Be able to work as a Screensaver. (In the old days, this meant renaming the .exe to .scr and making sure it could accept some command-line parameters, making some calls to remind Windows if the screensaver is running or not, and detecting mouse/keyboard events that should tell windows the screensaver is shutting down, and then shut down :)

While not perfect, and Im sure someone else will come up with something better here is something that should work.
You will need to set the x value and possibly the y value in the gui show line to place the image where you want it.
The level for the transparancy is 0 to 255. 0 makes the window invisible while 255 makes it opaque.

--- ---fileselectfile, pic,,,Select the picture to use
gui,add,picture,w200 h-1, %pic%
gui, -sysmenu +toolwindow -caption +alwaysontop
gui, show, x1080 y0, Watermark
Winset, Transparent,150,Watermark
WinSet, ExStyle, +0x00000020, Watermark



IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer1
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer2
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer3
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer4
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer5
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer6
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer7
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer8
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer9
IDEA: always-on-top transparent picture viewer10

I've coded Custom Desktop Logo that I think will suit your needs. I've tried searching for other desktop logo programs out on the net but didn't find anything that actually did a good job of rendering the graphics, particularly with PNG images. I think Custom Desktop Logo can be considered one of the best desktop logo programs out there based on what I've tested.

For a desktop logo program, you will only want to use PNG images because:
PNG images have alpha channel data as part of the image format and Custom Desktop Logo uses this data to create smooth, professional looking graphics. Most other popular image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, and BMP, do not have alpha channel data and if rendered to a desktop setting, look unprofessional. It is possible to render other image formats to the desktop but during coding, I chose not to allow it because of the poor results that would occur otherwise

I think Custom Desktop Logo is quite useful in it's current state and is very stable so you can use it in presentations. I think many professionals will find this to be a useful tool to help brand their company.

Note: .Net Framework 2.0 or later is required to run Custom Desktop Logo.

Features of Custom Desktop Logo

* Create static or animated desktop logos using PNG images. Use it for presentations and fair booths to help brand your company or product.
* Renders professional looking logos that can either stay on top of everything or stay on the desktop.
* Multi-monitor support - create logos across all your monitors.
* Many display location options for the placement of the logo on your screen.
* Control the logo opacity, size, animation speed, and delays between animations.
* Multi-language compatible. Simply translate the English.ini file in the Languages folder to a language of your choice.
* Your mouse movements and clicks pass right through the logos so it doesn't interfere with your work.
What Sets Custom Desktop Logo Apart From Other Desktop Logo Programs

* It is a high quality program that is open source and free to use. Donate to the project development if you like the program.
* It correctly renders professional looking graphics from PNG images using alpha blending. This means that the logo appears to be part of your screen instead of having borders that appear all pixelated and off color.
* Stable and easy to use. Run it all day long without problems.


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