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IDEA: block the "Solitaire" game in Google's search results

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Bruce Fraser:
It appears that the trigger is based on the following div:

<div class="mhPjTc">Click to Play</div>

You could block that div in your adblocker.
-wraith808 (September 03, 2018, 04:47 PM)
--- End quote ---

Hi wraith808,
Thank-you; you were the first person with a helpful reply.
1) The URLs you give just go to empty pages, so that part wasn't helpful.
2) I don't use an adblocker. There are lots of them out there, each with its unique way of implementing their technique. Which do you recommend?
Thanks again for your help.

So maybe + the one that app103 gave above.  Can't you block specific urls in the K9 Web Protection?  You can also block that div in ublock/ublock origin.  From trying it, it looks like you'll have to choose the element picker (the eyedropper) and mouse over the Click to Play, and click it.  Then click create.  Then you'll have to do the same for the image above, and then with the element left behind after that (the empty white square).  That's seems like enough.

UPDATE: I tested it with a refresh.  It appears to come back after refresh, even though the URLs are the same.  There must be some minor difference.  I'd suggest adding those two urls to your K9 and seeing if that is enough.


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