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Suggestion for Mobysaurus


Just got Mobysaurus today, one suggestion (besides updating the link in Help>Discussion Forum, which is broken):

Since the search results are massive and contains many odd and some foreign words, add one button to the toolbar, with 4 functions depending on previous action.
1, in standard mode, it would say Simple Mode. Clicking the button would hide all the words previously marked by the user for hiding, leaving "standard" words showing (user's decision).
2, in hiding-words mode, it would say Show All. Clicking would reveal all the hidden words. They would show in a faded or colored fontface below the standard words. They would not be permanently restored to standard mode.
3, if any standard word was selected, the button would say Hide Selected. The user could hold down Control and pick off any number of words for hiding (within the current window), then click the button. The window would go to Simple mode, so the button would read Show All until another word is selected.
4, if any hidden word is selected (in Show All mode), the button would say Restore Selected. Control-select for multiple words, then click button. They would then show as standard words sorted alphabetically as before.

The user would be blocked from selecting both kinds of words at the same time.

I'm not a coder, but the button would simply tag or untag the words in the database, so that the search would display them as described. Or it could build a list of tagged words outside the database. Then a search would take the results and compare to the hide-list to control the display.

This is better than having one person go through the database and deciding what is odd/foreign for everyone. At first, there would be little benefit, but after a while users could have their copy honed to their liking.


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