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Image organizer recommendations

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Studioline Photo is very good and comparatively easy to learn:

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The free Studioline version is already very capable, too  (Photo Basic).

I see you have already asked the question at dpreview and it is worth doing a search there for the many relevant threads.

When I was looking a few years ago, I narrowed it down to 3 - IdImager, iMatch and Picasa. I'd already had a copy of Photoshop Elements, but, while it was pretty good as a photo editor, I found it very limited as a DAM prog and never used it as such.

Lightroom is a new arrival since I was looking, but you couldn't accuse it of being inexpensive; and Adobe's policies tend to make the expense fairly continuous.

Microsoft took over iView, which I thought was too expensive anyway.

There are others, such as ThumbsPlus, which some people like but I've never looked in detail atthem for one reason or another and would not like to comment.

IdI does everything you asked for including a slideshow with music, but it does cost $69.
Picasa has the advantage of being free, but you have already dismissed it.
iMatch is a very competent and fast database, but I've never heard anyone describe it as simple.

(IDimager) does everything you asked for including a slideshow with music, but it does cost $69.
-Dormouse (September 12, 2008, 10:01 AM)
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there is a free version but I dont know it's limitations
wow, there was a free version

I use Proshow gold for slide shows, its not cheap but seems to do a lot and it works  :D
I had problems with slide shows with Adobe Photoshop Elements and it kept crashing  :mad:


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