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Image organizer recommendations

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First off, photography is not a serious hobby for me. I am your typlical vacation, birthday, etc photograhper. That being said, please take into consideration my lack of photo knowledge. I am looking for some software to help me better utalize my pictures. My needs (or wants) are:

   Ability to perform minor editing
   Ability to manage my photo files
   Slide Show- I want to be able to:
      Produce slide show on a CD or DVD that can be viewed on a TV
      Have the slide show pictures show in a specified order
      Add music if possible
I use Windows XP as an operating system and do not take pictures in RAW format.

I have used Adobe Photoshop Album Starter version 3 and downloaded Picasa. Neither of these softwares shows the slide show in the proper order. I have tried changing the file names in Picasa but when you do this it changes the file names in all Picasa locations which can cause problems.

I am considering downloading Adobe Elements but before I do that I wanted to find out if it would meet my needs. My internet research does not answer my questions and I felt someone on this forum would have the answers.

Any recommendations or advice that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


I don't think this review is going to answer the question for you since you have specific slide show needs which may require a specialty program, but you may want to look at this long review by DC member nudone first:

Two not covered in the review that are worth a look are: Photo Collector from shows great promise and there ARE stirrings indicating that they MIGHT release an update soon (but it hasn't been touched in over 18 months)  >:( and exifPro.

Also, check out this thread: Why is it so hard to find a decent image organizer?

Microsoft's Photo Story 3 may do it for you.
It has the ability for sound of different flavors.
Free also-

But for organizing, Picasa is the fast and can organize in a few ways.
Plus the rest of the ones mentioned in mouser's link are worth a look.

While its been a while since i've played with it, I think you could probably make the CD or DVD with MS Movie Maker, the free one that comes with xp.  Just add the pictures in the desired order, add music or a voice over whatever then burn it to a DVD with some burning software, I dont know if movie maker would do that.  Just a thought anyway, and you cant go to far wrong, its all free, just a bit of time.


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