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How to add a Button (to execute a AutoHotkey script or an exe) to Firefox 3


I would like to execute a particular command from within Firefox 3.

This could be calling a AutoHotkey script or the same script compiled into a DoThis.exe

Preferably this should be by way of clicking an Icon on one of the Firefox 3 toolbars.

Do anyone know of a way to accomplish this ?



Thanks for info Sri. (See Update below: It's now working !!!)

I installed the Add-On on Firefox 3.0.1

The install went fine - ie there were no issues of compatibility that surface.

Although I have Nightly Tester Tools already installed, it did not ask if I wanted to overwrite compatibility for External Application Button during the installation process.

In fact External Application Buttons Mod showed up as an installed Add-On and I could access the Option for the External Application Button Add-On when I went to the Firefox Add-On page.

My only problem is I don't see the "Applications" button when I right click on the Firefox Toolbar and click customize.

I can see the other Icons such as StumbleUpon, IETab, Scarpbook from my other add-ons that I can drag to the Toolbar.

But "Applications" button as showned circled in the attached picture is nowhere to be seen on Mine FireFox 3.0.1 Customize Toolbar screen compared to the attached picture below.

The picture is from :

The site says :

"After installation simply open the customize toolbar dialog and drag & drop the "Applications" button on the desired toolbar."

I wonder if perhaps there may be a conflict with another Add-on like maybe Custom Buttons 2 which I have also installed but not using.

Or maybe, I need to find a way to apply Nightly Tester Tools to it to "force compatibility"

Any suggestions. Thanks

After a couple of Firefox 3 restarts, "Application" appeared.

I don't know why it was missing previously.

Thanks once again.

"Now just select the "New Button…" option from the context menu that appears by right clicking the button that you added to the toolbar. Strangely the button appears invisible after the first time you add it to the Firefox toolbar, but it is there and will allow you to create new application buttons and when you add new buttons they will not have any problem with visibility. "

After dragging the "Application" Button to the toolbar, indeed the buttons appears invisible. But I could right click and create a New Application button - but unfortunately, unlike what was stated above, the New Button remains invisible even after I assigned a program to it and clicking it has no effect at all.

Besides some of the comments on the website indicates others are having problems with it on Firefox 3.0.1

"I really like this extension, however it doesn’t seem to work in FF 3.0.1. It is quite frustrating.

Any word on a fix would be appreciated.

Comment by Stacey on August 19, 2008 @ 12:15 am"

Just in case anyone is looking for an alternative, this works

"External Application Buttons mod for Firefox 3.0+ "


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