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Alias: Send Twitter updates from Farr

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I have a problem with Polish characters... (ąęćźż etc.). They are rendered as French and Spanish letters...

I have a problem with Polish characters... (ąęćźż etc.). They are rendered as French and Spanish letters...-Jabberwock (June 11, 2009, 09:48 AM)
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i can't seem to type the characters even though i found a chart for it. i would appreciate if you can let me know whether the characters appear normally when you type inside the Farr? also let me know if you can post an update containing the Polish chars by typing in Twitter's webpage itself.

Yes, Polish characters can be input normally in FARR and return appropriate searches. Twitter displays normal Polish characters when input from the web and from a mobile phone app.

You will not be able to input them on non-Polish OSes with RightAlt-letter combination, unless you change the keyboard driver in the International settings (it's Polish (programmers')). You might try the Alt+ numpad digits option (described here, at the end of the page):

However, I am not sure if this will give Polish characters on non-Polish Windows. Try it out in Notepad first, FARR seems to capture some Alt+numpad combinations.

thanks for the link, now i can copy-paste the characters. i'll do some further testing on curl later this week.

Thanks for all the hard work!

I'm having some trouble installing this. I have followed the instructions exactly, but I can't get this plug-in to come up in the plug-ins dialog within FARR.

It just doesn't seem to recognize it. On the other hand, DCupdater seems to recognize it and offer an update. However, even updating using DCupdater doesn't fix this. It is still not present in the plug-ins dialog within FARR.

Thanks in advance.


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