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Alias: Send Twitter updates from Farr

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i was not aware of the non-compliance with Unicode characters, i'll try to find out why it doesn't work. :)

Sorry for bringing up this old topic but i also have problems with this. Most of my twits are in french and accented characters (é è ê) don't show up. It's a shame because when i started using Twitter i thought that FARR would be the ideal way of writing new messages :)

Maybe there's an option in curl.exe to use UTF-8 or something ?

thanks for trying out this alias. i'm not sure why but i couldn't type accented chars in Farr (i'm using US international keyboard). i tried the same characters at Twitter and they appear fine so the problem is in sending them to Twitter. btw, can you type the accented characters within Farr? is yes, please let me know what keyboard layout are you using?

maybe you can help me with this.. :)

this may be a fault in farr, but maybe something i can fix?

thanks mouser, i've been doing some tests and it seems that if i can type into the Farr's search bar then it will appear properly at the website but it's not the same for everyone it seems.

e.g. i can type into Farr this character 'ç' but not á à é è í ì etc even though they work elsewhere on my PC (e.g. Wordpad). :-\


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