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Alias: Send Twitter updates from Farr

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Great plugin. After browsing through the alias source file I am amazed how minimal it is. I'm not familiar with curl. Do you think a plugin that interacts with google services (calendar, spreadsheets and so on) could be as straight forward to to make?

edit: found the page "using cURL to interact with Google data services ": . That looks much more complex  :o

thanks Nod5. the alias looks simple is because twitter uses 'basic' authentication where we can pass the username & password as part of the url. however due to privacy concerns, they are moving to OpenAuth very soon.

anyway to answer your question, i noticed that any method that we use must be able to deal with the response from websites. from what i've seen so far, in these situations curl is usually called from a php script. that is the most common example that i come across when i was googling.

on the other hand, ecaradec's javascript SDK is a good option, which reminds of the google currency converter that you wrote recently. maybe you can work out something like that? :)

Well the currency converter was much simpler since it didn't require authentication. For authentication we need something like cURL, right? But maybe you meant a javascript plugin that in turn uses cURL. I do hope to make some plugin later this summer. But I'm really not good with javascript and this curl stuff looks pretty complex. And I haven't followed the FScript development closely. It seems to have evolved a lot over time, just like FARR has so I have a lot of catching up do to.

in a discussion in the chat-room about the latest framework to write plugins, mouser suggested Fsubscript which seems to be a better iteration of FScript so that might be a start.

as for authentication, some of the plugins do handle authentication but i'm not sure how. maybe ecaradec's Delicious plugin can be give us a clue.

PS. i also noticed your plugin wiki request and i believe that with such tutorials, things will be much smoother.

Right, I knew about Fsubscript but just didn't have it fresh in memory when I posted earler. I'm continuing this discussion in the other thread:
"idea: FARR plugin school / tutorial / wiki"


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