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Alias: Send Twitter updates from Farr

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this is an alias to send updates to your Twitter page from Farr. in addition you can also send a 'direct message' and perform a search at which is being touted as a real-time search. This latest update allows users to key-in accented characters without any problems, thanks to mouser & ak_.

usage info
first of all, the latest version of Farr is needed (download from here). once installed, download the twitter alias (click on and extract the contents into Farr's sub-folder '\AliasGroups\Installed'. If you had installed the previous version at '\AliasGroups\MyCustom', then please delete the alias.

now launch Farr then go to the 'Options' > 'User Variables' (see pic). you will see that there is already an entry for TwitterPlugin. here you can enter your username and password. Click 'Ok' to close then type 'tw' to use the Twitter alias.

this alias can also be updated via DCUpdater. so if you already have DCUpdater, then you can update within the program itself.

btw, this alias uses cURL and the Twitter icon from and i would like to thank both teams for making this tool and design available.

Edit: updated the download link, thanks to TucknDar.

wonderful  :-*

i've updated the alias so that 'direct messages' can be sent direct from Farr (pun intended). ;) i'll post it tomorrow after some further testing.

i've updated the twitter alias. see the top post for further info. :)

i started to use this but japanese words don't work.when I type japanese it shows correctly on the bar but it doesn't not show correctly on twitter like this" •\Ž¦‚³‚ê‚̂͂¿‚á‚Ƃµ‚½“ú‚µ‚©‚µtwitterゾ‚ƕ¶Žš‰»‚¯‚·‚é‚ł·A‚ǂ¤‚µ‚܂µ‚傤I "i think this tool is great so i hope this can be ok for japanese.


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