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New Member Map Mod for the Forum -- Configure Your Profile Location!

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This very cool google map mod was installed on the DonationCoder forum today with a few custom tweaks.

It's a really fun way to see where everyone comes from:


But it only works if people participate and mark their location in the forum profile, so please do!

fantastic idea! i've marked my spot. :)

Mouser, you lie, you are not from zimbabwe! We all know you live online so you should be all over the map!

dunno if it's me, or if this is getting a caning from users, but it's pretty patchy here

after discovering there is another town of the same name somewhere in the UK, I managed to place my pin correctly, but the map just doesn't display anything of value - the move arrows don't, zooming on a location loses any/all pins, clicking on a my location and the 'flag' displays out of the window so I can't see it, clicking through everyones location momentarily flashes a map that may or may not have been their actual location before returning to some nominal (random?) location

anyone else experiencing this?

target. what browser do you use?


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