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Time to reinstall Windows? Or get a new desktop?

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Aram, go over to, set your price level, and start reading the customer reviews. Last week they were selling 750Gb drives for $99 (sale), and 4Gb of RAM for only $79. And since you've upgraded, videocards have now reached teraflop status!

Anyway, here's the link for some super cheap systems on their daily specials.

If you'd like to look at some sample configurations, ExtremeTech publishes some decent ones to get the creative juices flowing:,2843,838239,00.asp

If you're real serious about hardware, get a copy of Scott Mueller's Upgrading and Repairing PCs. Now in its 18th edition. All your hardware questions answered in 1584 pages of readable hard-core tech. (An incredible bargain at $38US from Amazon. Worth every cent.) :up: :up:

You can check out the Table of Contents over at Amazon:

It may be the only hardware book you'll ever need. I bought every edition starting with #8. Great resource for your reference shelf.

Nobody uses the 3-1/2 disks anymore, so this will be my first computer without it.
-superboyac (September 09, 2008, 03:36 PM)
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Be careful! If you intend to install Windows XP and you need some sort of RAID/SATA drivers installs, they may not come with XP and you might need a floppy, since the installation of XP doesn't allow you to grab drivers off of USB storage or the hard drive or a CD.

I formatted my computer a couple years ago thinking that Service Pack 2 included the necessary SATA drivers and I had to be without the use of my computer for a few weeks until I could find somebody who had a floppy drive I could borrow. :(

Carol Haynes:
I agree - if you are using Windows XP keep a floppy disc handy. My laptop doesn't have a floppy drive and XP wouldn't install from the CD because the latest SATA drives aren't recognised. I had to use nLite to build a Windows installation CD with the cirrect drivers included which was a real pain - though I suppose I only had to do it once.

Building a CD with nLite is only a pain the first time around - and it's certainly much handier than having to use (slow and unreliable) floppies - nevermind installing a floppy drive in your computer :)

nLite also has the advantage that you can remove unnecessary components, and making unattended setups, which rock... select installation partition, go for a shower and coffee, return to a freshly installed desktop.


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