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Review: 10 Things I Learned From Spore

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I also don't understand this complaint:

To move your spaceship around, you have to hold down the right mouse button with your middle finger to accelerate, and use the scroll wheel with your index finger to move up and down. It becomes a pain in the wrist real fast.
--- End quote ---

I use my ring finger to hold down the right mouse button and my middle finger to scroll, and I haven't had any problems yet. But I'm still near the beginning of space so maybe I'll be just like him and think "Be a man!" until my wrist starts hurting. And I'm also using a trackball so my wrist doesn't move very much.

OT: the Assassin's Creed review was spot-on. i played the game on my leisure and i can say that the experience was totally positive. thanks for link, Deo. :)


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