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Nice story about a canine "cat of the year" award winner


ok...i know that this is WAAAAAAAY off topic. but i thought this was a nice story. the ap just reported about a dog who won the 1998 cat of the year award</url> at the Westchester Cat Show for her work at rescuing endangered cats. sadly, she died in august at age 17, but left quite a legacy. it's a nice story for our time where we are at war for oil, killing each other in the name of religion, and hatred for those who are different than us seems to be increasing every day. if the dog and cat world can do it, why the f*** can't we?

check out ginny the rescue dog's memorial website at


so cool.

Carol Haynes:
My cats are horrified by the story (and all dogs) - but then they didn't know her did they ...


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