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Forum 2.0 Suggestion

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You are NOT stuck with the default theme of any page on the web. You can change it all to suit your tastes and needs.
-app103 (September 12, 2008, 01:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

I know, app, but in practice it's way too much work, unless one regularly visits no more than two or three sites. The most I occasionally do is pick "No style" in Firefox, for a nauseatingly bland but readable content.

Paul Keith:
Hmm... I didn't know Firefox can do this. I never found the feature but it reminded me how in Opera, I often press shift+g (set to gray background) and shift+F11 (set to cellphone view) and that works for most sites not Web 2.0 for a clean minimalistic view of the contents.

This thread has been a great read for me. I'm working on my own forum software at the moment, that will hopefully be very different to what's already out there.
Many of the ideas in this thread are quite inline with what I came up with.

I just realized that DC forums doesn't support embedding flash videos so I'm adding that to the list.

Those are always eye-pleasing colors, Lutz. Thanks for the .png.


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