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Forum 2.0 Suggestion

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The forum is, in my mind, an almost perfect form of communication.
It has the convenience of an email and it has the potential to reach everyone in the world.
I think it is time for someone  (DC ;)) to pave the way for the next generation of internet communication.
Something that combines the ease of email and the power of bookmarking.
A super-communicator not bound by the old ways.
Feel free to add things to the list.

Features I'm hoping Forum 2.0 will have.

* All of the amazing features of DC forums: Unread/ Read, Emoticons, Code Highlight, ext...
* The ability for the user to tag posts and threads.
* The ability for me to mark a thread as always read.
* Every post on one page.
* The ability to cycle through posts as easily as photos on picasa.
* Posts are collapsable like gmail.
* Automatic collaps/ summary on posts that you've read.
* Real time preview!Edit:

* Customizable themes
* Powerful and easy filtering
* ChatEdit2:

* Embed flash
I am not a web developer, so I have no idea what a project like this entails, maybe we are really far away from this.
What do you think?

I think these are really good ideas -- it's time someone really thought about next generation forums and your ideas are quite nice.

I'd turn this suggestion into a more general one:
The ability for me to mark a thread as always read.
--- End quote ---
What we are really talking about here is the ability to have powerful and easy filtering that puts posts/sections that you aren't interested in out of your way.

Paul Keith:
I believe most users call that "Ning"  :P

Actually that's not true but many of the features you listed are already in Ning and there are quite some people who testify on leaving their traditional forums for Ning so Ning "lite" is a good base to start with, I think.

As for showing entire pages, AutoPager Firefox Extension allows one to load the next presumed page when you reach the end of the forum. It doesn't always work and many forums don't support it but it gives you the convenience of an entire forum without loading it all to begin with. (Try it on a popular blog like Lifehacker to see how it works)

Other feature that I would want is optional check box for integrating Technorati and Find in Forums results when doing a search.

...and finally this is probably more complication than it's worth it but it would be great if you can mimic Tangler's real time forum chatting with forum posts so you can either directly get a preview of the forum contents without leaving chat or view chat posts on a forum post without going to the chatroom but it's not really beneficial, just something that might satisfy the twitter generation of forum users.

There's also some things that are more technological innovations than features. Cases in point:

-Being able to participate in a forum through rss, instant messaging and Adobe Air clients

...which would lead to:

-Being able to participate in forums using a mobile phone as conveniently as while being in front of the computer

...which would be helped by:

-Better voice to text software
-Better text to speech software
-An application which allows you to write several offline posts that can be sent instantly to several forums at a designated time and which would crawl all replies back to that application like a rss feed only for forums only. This would majorly increase all spam though so an alternative would be an in-built cocomment for forum posts.

Some of the forum scripts and hosted services that I have in my bookmarks:

Be careful with over scripting the forum with too much client side stuff that would require a much more powerful PC than I currently own, please!

Otherwise I won't be able to post any more and I will be restricted to using Google's mobile version of it. (read only...all forms are broken, so no logging in or posting possible)  :'(

And I am sure I am not the only one that would appreciate it.


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